Volkano Chat Junior Series Kids Headphones with Boom Mic and Cable Protector

Regular price R 199.98

Features and Benefits:

  1. For Use with Phone, Tablet or Laptop
  2. Safe For Young Ears
  3. Works Exactly Like the Adult version
  4. Perfect for School, Social or Listening to Music
  5. Free Cable Character Included
  6. Works with Zoom, Teams and all other Social Chat Platforms



  1. Max. Sound Pressure Level:  Limited to ≤ 100 dB
  2.  Frequency Response:  20 Hz ~ 20 kHz 
  3.  Mic Direction: Omnidirectional 
  4.  Headphone Volume Control:  Yes
  5.  Headphone Output Jack:3.5 mm 4 pole



  1. Volkano Chat Junior Kids Headset
  2. Cute Character Cable Protector